Come and Dance with the Nippoli Community!

@Aalto University



Come this 23.3 to McKylä Superarcade and have fun with the Nippoli community! Nippoli is an association at Aalto University that promotes Japanese culture and language but also helps Japanese exchange students. They organize various events with the help of exchange students studying in the metropolitan area and Finns interested in Japan. McKylä Dance Arcade is an enthusiasts-run garage with 4 dancing machines (like In The Groove, Dance Dance Revolution or Stepmania ). They have "open doors" every other Thursday, during which anyone can come in to have fun and use the machines. Ask if anyone is going there in the @Nippoli Telegram group and they will guide you there. Make sure to take sporty clothes with you! More info on McKylä Superarcade website. 🕺💃 What? Come to McKylä Superarcade with Nippoli Where? Leppävaaran Talliosake, talli 24 When? Thursday, March 23rd 17:00-21:00

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