Aalto’s photography club (AVS)

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Our association organizes photography activities in the Otaniemi area under AYY. The club organizes the following activities during the semesters: - Darkroom and other photography courses - Monthly photography evenings - Photowalks - Documentation of student life mainly in Otaniemi Joining the activities is easy and you don’t have to be a member to join the events! You can find us on Facebook, Telegram and email. Hit us a message for additional information through social media. Membership and rental of darkroom and equipment 2023 Members can use darkrooms located in Otaniemi. Since renovations of our darkroom in Jämeräntaival, we have temporary solutions to use other darkrooms. In addition, the club has rentable photography equipment and its own film scanner. Membership (12 months): 20€ Member of Aalto University Student Union 30€ Non-Member of Aalto University Student Union Film scanner free to use for members of AVS! More info on our webpage and Facebook: https://avs.ayy.fi/ http://www.facebook.com/aallonvalokuvausseura

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