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KY-Sail's legendary Mediterranean sailing trip aka Reissu aka Seili is back again! You haven’t seen a single ray of light outside in months and to make it worse, a strong northerly wind has been promised for next week, i.e. 7 deadlines and 3 re-exams? By the way, exactly the same weather is also promised for next September. The Hellenic Republic will gladly welcome our group of adventurers back in the fall of 2023. The Trojan wooden horse has been loaded and the Olympics are ready to begin, it's time to Greek out! Here's the deal: five sailing boats, skippers from KY-Sail, a fleet full of happy travelers and we're heading to Athens, Greece! Previous sailing experience is not required, but we’ll gladly teach the secrets of sailing to everyone on board. However, the program does not include just sailing, but also a dose of refreshing drinks, fresh Mediterranean dinners, and, of course, a bunch of karaoke classics. School stress will collectively be forgotten about and deadlines are moved to “syssympi”. And I know what you might be thinking now: “buuuuuut my plans for the fall are not quite clear yet…" Well, let’s figure them out here and now - grab a ticket and you'll have a program for at least a week! Empirically tested, the current regret percentage is 0%. VAMΩS! CHOOSE A WEEK that suits you: Week 1: 16.9. – 23.9.2023 Week 2: 23.9. – 30.9.2023 PRICE: 1150 € (Including direct flight Helsinki-Athens-Helsinki, spot on a sailing boat, and transportation between the airport and the harbor)

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