Helsinki Academic Male Choir

@Aalto University



Mark your calendars for Saturday 18.3. at 18.00 - see you then at Agricola church in Helsinki. The leading Finnish academic male choirs Psaldo and the University of Business Administration's Student Union Singers (KYL), both filled with current and alumni members of Aalto University Business students-KY, will give a concert together after a long break. The concert will feature a rich selection of domestic works set to the poems of Aleksis Kivi performed by a large choir, songs from the recent history of both choirs, and also premieres of fresh works. The composers of the concert include e.g. Jean Sibelius, Armas Järnefelt, Einojuhani Rautavaara, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, and Johannes Tiusanen. Psaldo is led by Hiski Wallenius and KYL by Visa Yrjölä. The concert has an intermission.

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