Virtual Smoothie/Drink Bar

Aalto University
Created 2022-11-29T15:27:04.289Z


I am an extremely ambitious first-year business student looking for a co-founder. Entrepreneurship and creating a successful company are my top priorities and are even more important than studying. I want to start a business in a "boring" industry and grow it gradually and mostly organically. I want to make smoothies, coffee drinks, protein drinks, juices, and eventually other things from home. The restaurant will be listed on apps like Wolt and foodora. The risk in starting this business is quite low since, we only need money for the fruits, blender, protein, fridge.... People make the company, and I am looking for a partner who I can be good friends with. You need to be ambitious, love business and be committed. Just dm me on insta or whatsapp if you have any inquiries or any comments.

Contant Information

Instagram: theunscrupulous or sms:044 294 1111